What we offer


Consulting services designed to increase your margins and keep your business health secure. Matchstick Ignite is ready to partner with you.

Internal Team Creation

There is no better solution that an internal team. We can develop a turn-key customer care team that will be loyal to your brand and create a relationship with your customer.

Management Outsourcing

Call Center management takes years of experience and patience. Luckily we have both. Commanding your customer support with on-going training, quality assurance, culture, and hierarchy.

Outbound Sales

A key area of opportunity for business owners. We build and train a sales force to provide long term customer value and recoup lost sales.

BPO Advocate

Selecting a call center to trust with your business can be a headache. Our team will connect you with the right partner for this important decision. Helping you ask the right questions and ensure a fair rate.

Call Center Accountability

Being your advocate for the current outsourced vendor. Working directly with call center account management to ensure statistical success, revenue generation, and quality assurance.

Call Center Consulting

Limited “One on One” consulting is available. You may be the perfect candidate for this program, however an initial consultation is required first.

Want to Ignite your business?

We have helped clients achieve profitability in their call center. Customers are screaming for quality service with their dollars now more than ever. It’s likely your current call center may actually be a drain on your business. Reach out today to start a positive change with a free consultation.